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For almost four decades, the Bread of Life Renewal Centre has served the Roman Catholic community

/Father PeterOur founder, Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, Editor of The Bread of Life magazine, has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Graduate Theological Foundation and he continues to serve the renewal of the Church through the Charismatic Gifts and the Ministry of Healing. Email Father at fatherpeter@thebreadoflife.ca

Father Coughlin, made many recordings of talks and homilies to help tell His story and share the Good News that Jesus is alive and working through his people. Here's the List of CD's and DVD's

A major part of our ministry is to help enrich the spiritual lives of our members and supporters. Our members magazine, “The Bread of Life” is published six times annually. Father Coughlin is the Editor and is very ably assisted by Managing Editor, Bill Wright.

If you haven’t seen the magazine lately, you’ll be very impressed.  A new size, new writing style and a new approach by many contributors around the world has brought His Story to life – maybe to Your Life.  You’ll be enriched like never before. 

It’s an ideal way to introduce family and friends to the Holy Spirit.  Give a membership to someone you love to help them on their journey with Jesus.

The Bread of Life also create, publishes and distributes other books and materials that we believe provides the right spiritual nourishment to anyone looking for answers.  Count on us to bring you the best of what we find that can help you.


The Bread of Life is managed by a Board of Directors elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  The Board Members elected at the most recent meeting on June 18, 2014 are:

  • Geoffrey Cauchi
  • Paul Coughlin
  • Frank Gallant
  • Rudy Sequeira
  • Jim Ruta
  • Paulina Paplinski (Treasurer)
  • Debbie Puckerin (Secretary)
  • Brian Bolt - brianbolt@thebreadoflife.ca , Chairman
  • Rev. Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, Spiritual Director

Here’s how you can help “Our Ministry”

Please consider joining The Bread of life.  Everyone is invited to become a member ($35.00 yearly, $40.00 outside Canada).  Join for a friend so they can have their own magazine. When you join you prove you share in our mission and want to help others share the Good News.
And… remember that a monthly Mass is celebrated for all members and their intentions.

Membership: Canada for 1 year ($35.00)

Membership: Outside Canada for 1 year ($40.00)

Click here to download a PDF copy of the membership application form.

Can you do more?

If you are blessed with the ability to do more, maybe you’d consider an extra tax deductible donation to help those who cannot afford to join, or who have never heard His story.  Every month we hand out hundreds of magazines to non-members to help spread the Good News. We can only do this because of the generosity and vision of our Patrons who contribute extra.  Please bless us and others by making your blessing count. 

Click here to donate to the Bread of Life Ministry.




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We accept these credit cards through Paypal

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