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 Father Peter B. Coughlin
About the founder and author……
Rev. Dr. Peter Coughlin D. Min.

Father Peter was born in Hamilton, Ontario and ordained a priest for the Hamilton Diocese in 1967. He graduated with a Masters Degree in Christian Spirituality from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska in 1999. He earned his Doctoral degree in 2003 at the Graduate Theological Foundation
in Donaldson, Indiana. He currently serves as pastor of St. Andrew Parish in Oakville, Ontario.
He became involved with Charismatic Renewal in 1971, finding in it a renewal of his life as a priest. In 1972 he became active in the healing ministry and has traveled extensively teaching and ministering divine healing. Gifted in ministry and administration, he has held many positions for the Renewal in Canada.

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Explosion of Fire: Holy Spirit Ministry
by Father Peter B. Coughlin

Since mid-February 1967,Explosionthe Spirit has been renewing the hearts and lives of people all over the world. To celebrate this anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal twenty writers from different countries bring together history, programs, outreaches, terminology and testimony, creating a sort of compendium of Holy Spirit spirituality. We hope and pray that this work of faith will bring understanding to countless numbers of people the world over.

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The Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ Continuing in the Church Today
by Father Peter B. Coughlin

"This book explores the healing ministry,Healing Ministry prayer for healing, the Scriptural foundations revealing the practice of Jesus and His disciples. Looking at the sacraments of healing, their pastoral applications and day-to-day experience of divine healing, various practical procedures are given for different ministry forms. Also, possible dangers, abuses and aberrations in healing ministry are presented together with answers to regularly asked questions about healing. The final chapter looks at the challenge and place of healing in evangelization today.

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The Fire in My Heart
by Father Peter B. Coughlin

"The decision to follow Jesus in The Fire in My Heartthe power of the Spirit, to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him, to live and walk with power and authority, growing in right order, in holiness, knowing peace and joy, sure confidence in God are all part of the fire, the passion, in my heart. It can be yours as well."
- Fr. Peter Coughlin

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Understanding the Charismatic Gifts
by Father Peter B. Coughlin

"Written to help youUnderstanding the Charismatic Giftunderstand, appreciate and begin to use the grace of the Holy Spirit given through many and varied manifestations. Too many are afraid of God's gifts, do not understand them, or think they are not worthy. This book is designed to help you to experience and operate in the Gifts."
- Fr. Peter B. Coughlin

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He’s Alive II
Personal Stories of Faith, Conversion and Renewal
Edited by Father Peter B. Coughlin

Volume I and Volume IIThe Fire in My Heart(40 different Testimonies!) Canadian Catholics from coast to coast share their testimonies of being touched by the Holy Spirit and having their eyes opened to see that HE IS ALIVE!

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Fire in the North
A History of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Canada By Richard Dunstan

"Richard has captured the Fire in the Northhuman response of individuals who experienced the first outpourings of the Holy Spirit infilling their hearts and lives. He followed the move and lead of the Holy Spirit across Canada. This book is a wonderful overview and glimpse into the Spirit's work, a work that continues to this day and will continue every day until the end of time."
- Father Peter B. Coughlin

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Guidelines on Prayers for Healing
by the Doctrinal Commission of ICCRS
International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service

"This small booklet will assistThe Fire in My Heartall those who wish to reflect more deeply on the place of healing in Jesus’ ministry and in the life of the Church today. It contains both theological and pastoral insights. It will be a helpful resource to leaders in the Charismatic Renewal and indeed to all those in the Church who are engaged in the ministry of healing."
- Mrs. Michelle Moran, President of ICCRS

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Living Your Life in the Spirit of God
A Daily Prayer Guide

"A rich resource to be used as a dailyLivingprayer guide by all those who desire to receive the grace of the Holy Spirit in a fuller way. Whether taking the seminars to develop this new life or simply as a refresher to go deeper, this booklet is an invaluable aid, rich in Scripture, with a given focus for each day's prayer."
- Fr. Peter B. Coughlin

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The New Life In The Spirit Seminars Team Manual
Catholic Edition 2000
Revised & annotated by Therese Boucher

"Therese Boucher has done anTeam Manualadmirable job of revising and annotating the manual, which remains one of the best tools for evangelization available on the market today. Easy to use, reader friendly, the manual puts the baptism in the Holy Spirit in its proper context of the bible, the Sacraments of Initiation and the life of the Church today."
- Fr. Peter B. Coughlin

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The Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit – Set of 3 DVD series
Talks by Father Peter B. Coughlin

Father Peter Coughlin presents six talks:
*Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues
* Faith and Miracles
* Prophecy
* Healing
* Words of Wisdom and Knowledge
* Discernment of Spirits.

"With or without the book Charismatic Gifts Understanding the Charismatic Gifts you will find these videos provide another dimension to your learning more about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. An excellent complement to the book Understanding the Charismatic Gifts.

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Life in the Spirit Seminars – Set of 2 DVD’s
Talks by Father Peter B. Coughlin

"Ideal for home use with family members,Team Manual neighbours, church groups, RCIA. A way of evangelizing made simple - show each segment, discuss and pray together for life through the Spirit, that the grace of the Spirit be received. Produced by Father Peter Coughlin and Team. Manuals and guides are also available to accompany this series.

Talk #1 – Introduction Talk
Talk #2 – God’s Love Talk
Talk #3 – Salvation Talk
Talk #4 – New Life
Talk #5 – Receiving God’s Gift
Talk #6 – Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Talk #7 - Growth
Talk #8 - Transformation

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