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The C.C.S.O. Bread of Life Renewal Centre has served the Roman Catholic community since 1975. In 1995 our organization was incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada, and is a registered charitable organization (890843857) in good standing.

A major part of our effort is to provide materials to enrich the spiritual lives of our members and supporters, we publish The Bread of Life magazine six times a year. Rev. Dr. Peter Coughlin, Editor, along with the Managing Editor, Jennifer Cauchi, and the many contributors, work diligently to produce the magazine members receive six times a year.

We also create, publish and sell books, audio and video cassette tapes which we hope will provide spiritual nourishment to all who view them.

Who we are...

The Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting on June 22, 2011

  • Brian Bolt - brianbolt@thebreadoflife.ca
  • Ina Caplette
  • Geoffrey Cauchi
  • John Cunha
  • Nancy Scarangella
  • Tony Juurlink
  • Daniel Mitchell
  • Jim Ruta
  • Gino Scapillati
  • Reverend Dr. Peter B. Coughlin, Spiritual Director

Our Mission...

To promote a deeper understanding of the Holy Spirit and His presence in the lives of God's people.

How to get involved...

Everyone is invited to become a member ($35 yearly, $40.00 outside Canada). Membership means you share in our mission, you receive a subscription to The Bread of Life magazine, and a monthly Mass is celebrated for you and your family's intentions.



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